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Book publishing is my life!. I have been publishing online books since 2005. I have helped numerous people get their book online and have been doing that ever since. Sectus.org will help anyone with E-publishing issues. We will help anyone, anytime. Contact us anytime if you need help.

5 Tips for Self-Publishing on Kindle

There are some useful tips for self-publishing on Kindle that you should know. They can give you lots of information to get successful with self-publishing on Kindle. The learning process is necessary if you are newbie. However, there are some basic rules that you should remember when starting working on Kindle.

Don’t forget to make first draft when you begin the process. Rough drafts are very important to help you get everything done correctly and quickly. Make sure you have good preparation of rough drafts. This will help you save lots of time later on when you continue to edit and modify the content.

If you want to produce a high-quality product, you should not think that your rough draft is the final version. You need to try hard more when you continue to finish the process. Don’t hurry to come to final work if you are not sure about the quality. Arranging time is very important if you want everything done on track.

Editing and modifying content is needed once the process is completed with 2/3 of work. At this time you can relax. By doing so, you can have better thinking. Getting the first draft done is the great step to help you reach the goal. Don’t forget to check everything carefully, and make sure that you have things done slowly.

It is necessary for you to spend a good amount of time editing and revising the content before you get your final version published.

In this step, you need to think carefully. Getting your final version published is great, but make sure you spend enough time checking and proofreading the content. The quality of your final version will depend on the amount of time you invest.

Before getting your final versions published, you should ask for some feedback by posting a testing copy on related places. Getting feedback on your final version is very important. By doing so, you will get lots of valuable ideas to modify and edit the content in a positive way. However, before taking advice from feedback, you should spend time considering which one is good and which one is bad. Don’t be impacted strongly by feedback from readers. This process requires you lots of time to consider the quality of the final version.

Make sure the quantity of words is enough to get your final version done. If the number of words in your final version is less than 80,000 words, you should put more words in the content. Don’t forget to find good media for your final version.

By following the tips above, you can get everything done correctly and quickly. If you have experienced, you can get everything done easily. However, if you are newbie, you should practice a lot before trying to get your first version published. In addition, there are more tips and tricks for self-publishing on Kindle that you should know. You can find these tips on the internet if you spend time checking the information. Make sure you sort out the right tips to follow so that you can save time.

E-Books – The idea behind E-publishing and E-marketing

From the time immemorial human beings have this inner desire to express and make others understand? Writing books and publishing them for the readers has also been there from ages. To fascinate the readers depending on their age the writers have always used some or the other techniques and tactics. Earlier for the kids the books used to be with pictures, bold letters and elaborate designs. They further evolved into 3-D books complete with make-yourself puzzles and other interesting things.

As the time went by and the latest trends paved in publishing also had to undergo a major change. It is not enough to just go for a publishing house and get your literature book published. Today it is the time for some more attention to the users’ needs. To understand what they want and how they interact is very important.

Literature Epublishing

What is E-publishing?

E-publishing is all about e-books and the terms related to it. Electronic media has changed a lot in a few years. Things have become very easy for the readers and the publishers. Readers get their book in the form they want which they can access on their portable platforms and devices. But with this comes the risk of piracy just like before. If the book is available online then the publishers have to take extra cautions so that it is not available to the public. Secure sites are the need of the hour.

Easy E-marketing

E-marketing of the e-books has emerged like never before. What is good thing about e-marketing is that viewers get a preview of the book and they have the access to it. Before ordering they can read a few pages and decide on whether they need it or not. It is likeE-marketing of the e-books browsing through the book still not having the whole portion. E-publishers gain in the process as the curiosity and they hype about the book is built up till then. Once the readers make up their minds they can order the e-book they want.

A very big market for the literature for young readers is also emerging. There are plenty of sites for the toddlers and kindergarten students who can read their bedtime story or listen to an audio book while still in bed. They have many interactive games too. Some books even provide them with various small gadgets to interact with them. Once the little ones get the hang of reading on their own they become avid readers as they get older. Literature is here to stay though the form of publishing is changing.

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